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Delhi’s accelerated growth has been putting tremendous pressure on healthcare delivery services despite the expansion of infrastructure. The 2018-2019 economic survey has indicated the need for increasing the pace of extension of health facilities and for improving the current delivery.

The Center of Excellence in Healthcare (CoEHe) at IIIT-Delhi supported by the Delhi Knowledge Development Foundation (DKDF) is contributing to health systems transformation through data, analytics and digital platforms. Our mission is to make healthcare accessible, affordable and accountable to all through low-cost technology solutions. Our vision is to be a catalyst for health systems transformation by bringing data and intelligence to the point of care. With a core team of faculty members having diversity of expertise in health technologies, the center is creating cutting-edge scientific advances in data driven public health and medicine through research, education, and engagement with the industry and policy.

The solutions produced at the center are relevant to the challenges faced by India, yet globally competitive. During the COVID-19 times, the CoEHe has contributed digital data platforms, AI/ML based prediction models and policy insights. We have created digital and AI/ML solutions for epidemiology, vaccination, resource allocation, and genomic surveillance. CoEHe faculty contributed to the creation of the Delhi government’s Delhi Corona App to provide better information on accessibility to services. Millions of users used this App to know the status of hospital beds, red zones, and other provisions made by the Government to ensure their well-being such as food supplies and medical supplies.

Our in-house App WashKaro was used by thousands of people to get the right information as Hindi audios and infographics. The Center has several MoUs with think-tank institutions such as International Digital Health and AI Research (IDAIR), Geneva, Access Health International, USA and grassroot organizations such as the WISH/LEHS Foundation. CoEHe faculty are also leading the AI/ML for Healthcare Theme of the Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation, DRIIV Cluster. The CoEHe collaborates with health institutions such as AIIMS, New Delhi, PGI Chandigarh and grassroot organizations such as Swasti, Child Survival India, and WISH Foundation.

Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi, Founding Head of CoEHe stated “India is the cradle of innovation and transformation of healthcare and we are witnessing unprecedented growth in the use of digital technology in healthcare. Our Center was seeded during the tough COVID-19 times and we have proactively created technology solutions for mitigation of the pandemic and infodemic. Working with my colleagues, we are actively contributing to the transformation of healthcare by building intelligent solutions that learn from massive datasets, yet improve health precisely, one person at a time.”



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Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi

Associate Professor (CB)